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Find Out If a New or Used Car Delivery Service is Right for You

Car buying has become more convenient these days. Gone are the days where the only option for buying a new or used car was heading to your local car dealership to shop the vehicles onsite. From shopping online to having your car delivered directly to your door, you can find a car buying technique that works for you.
A car delivery service is an excellent option to buy a car from the comfort of your own home. This car shipping convenience ensures that you can do everything from home and have your car shipped directly to you.
Find out if a car shipping service is right for you by exploring the vehicle shipping options and what you need to know when buying a car this way.

What to Know When Buying a Car From a Vehicle Shipping Site

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When you decide to explore online car buying and have your car shipped to your door, there are some things you need to figure out first. From which online car buying sites are the best to how the process works, doing your research ahead of time will help to make the process easier.
Here are some things to know before purchasing your vehicle online and having it shipped to your home:

Buying a Car From an Online Car Dealership That Ships

If you want to buy a car from a company that sells vehicles and ships them, too, Carvana, Vroom, and Roadster are a few good options to consider. These companies enable you to use their websites and apps to shop for vehicles, buy your favorite one, and they’ll ship it directly to your door.
With an online car dealership like this, you don’t have to worry about securing an outside company to pick up your car from the seller and bring it to your home. The company handles all the details, from purchase to paperwork to shipping.

Buying a Car From an Out-of-State Dealership or Individual and Hiring Another Company to Ship It

If you find a great deal on a new or used car but it’s located out of state, you can buy your car from that dealership or individual and have it shipped to you. However, you may be wondering, “how do you find a company to ship your new vehicle?”
If you buy your car from a dealership in another state, they may be able to recommend some vehicle shipping companies. Another option is to do the research on your own. There are many independent companies that make a business out of picking up recently purchased cars and delivering them to their new owners.
A simple Google search can help you start the search off right. When you find your list of options, make sure to check on the following items to see if the company is right for you and to answer the question on how does vehicle shipping work:
  • The areas in which they are able to ship
  • Cost and get quotes for car shipping
  • Vehicle shipping cost to ship from Point A to Point B
  • How long it will take to get to your home
  • Safeguards offered to provide safe shipping of your new vehicle
  • Company ratings by previous customers to discover car shipping best companies
Looking into these areas will help you pick the right vehicle shipping company. This will enable you to get your beloved new vehicle to you quickly and safely.

How to Choose the Right Car Buying Option

Remote car key in hand
Now that you know a few of your options with the best car delivery service in mind, the next step is to pick the method that’s right for you. This decision may be based on where you find the car of your dreams. Or, it might be determined by which car buying method you feel most secure about. 
No matter which option you pursue to purchase a new or used vehicle, keep the following tips in mind:
  • Do your research on the car you intend to buy and method you want to use
  • Factor in any additional car shipping cost
  • Ask about shipping security to ensure your vehicle is transported safely and will arrive to you damage-free
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way
Both options listed above make it easy for you to purchase your car and provide the convenience of letting you do so from home.

Find the Right Insurance Company to Protect Your New Car

When you find your ideal auto, especially after considering the most and least expensive cars to maintain, the next step is to obtain car insurance. Car insurance will offer protection in the case of property damage or injuries.
It’s important to properly safeguard your new purchase. You can do so by obtaining an insurance policy that offers full and complete coverage and is affordable, too. Some policies may even offer roadside assistance and other helpful features.
Ready to explore your car insurance options? Contact Illinois Vehicle today for a car insurance quote!
Do you have questions about coverage or policies? Give our helpful insurance agents a call anytime at 888.449.0170.