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Waukegan, Illinois Auto Insurance

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Welcome to Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance, Waukegan. You’re in the right place.

Our Illinois Vehicle agents know of the auto insurance needs of Waukegan-area residents and are ready to help you choose the best coverage. We tailor our policies to each driver’s specific needs, whether that involves SR-22, assigned risk, or even truck coverage.

We set the bar high for customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to auto insurance coverage. We make getting auto insurance easy for those in Waukegan, by accepting licenses from other states and countries, along with matrícula consulares. We also offer coverage through several auto insurance companies, to best meet your family’s unique needs.

Our agents are experts in creating affordable auto insurance policies. Whether you need the minimum liability, or more coverage, we’ll set you up with a policy that gives you protection and peace of mind!

Drop by one of our two Waukegan locations for a free quote today! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how much you can save with Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance in Waukegan.


About Waukegan, Illinois

a beach in waukegan during the winter with snow on the sand
A beautiful image of a beach facing Lake Michigan during the winter season.

Waukegan is one of the oldest communities in the state of Illinois. First visited by Pere Marquette in 1673, the city began as a French trading post and a Potawatomi Indian settlement known as "Little Fort." The population grew quickly and on March 31, 1849, the residents of Little Fort changed the name of their town to Waukegan, the Potawatomi word for "fort" or "trading post." Today, Waukegan is the most populous city in Lake County, Illinois.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Waukegan or just passing through, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for its beautiful beaches and nature preserves.

While traveling, it’s important to carry the best insurance with proper coverage. At Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance, we’ll help you figure out what insurance fits your specific needs best. Illinois State regulations require all motorists to carry minimum liability insurance coverage. We offer the required auto insurance for Waukegan, Illinois and more.